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Roux Helmets U.S.A.


About Roux Helmets

Roux was founded in 2014 by veteran racers Juan Carlos Leroux and Toto Lassally. Juan Carlos and Toto have over forty combined years of racing. They have won countless races and championships all over the globe, from the SCCA Run Offs to the 24 Hours of Dubai. Roux Helmets are the result of Juan Carlos and Toto's firsthand knowledge being applied to a product.

ROUX Helmets is firing up its debut by launching a new line of helmets that are both revolutionary to their industry and cutting edge by design. 

In addition to being "Wired Up" about our helmets connectivity options, ROUX Helmets is also thrilled to announce the most advanced safety feature in racing today!

This Release Equipped System has been specifically designed by racers, for racers, keeping your safety Roux's number one priority. In the event of an emergency, this feature enables safety crews to remove your helmet, quickly and easily, without putting any stress on the neck, which could cause serious injuries.

Roux Mission

"Our Mission is to provide the highest quality and safety standards at an affordable price, along with innovative designs and features that will promote safety and comfort to our fellow drivers."

Roux Helmets

R-1 Fiberglass Base Model Glossy White Helmet

R-1 Fiberglass Loaded Model Matte Helmet

R-1 Fiberglass Loaded Model White Glossy Helmet

R-1 Composite Silver Helmet

R-1 Carbon Matte Helmet

R-1 Carbon Glossy Helmet

Roux Helmet Bags

GT Helmet Bag

Hans Helmet Bag

Racer Utility Backpack

24" Jet Bag

30" Gear Bag

36" Gear Bag